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Testing Pike's-Peak
Powertrain Integration testing and validation services subject customer parts and systems to vigorous regimens to ensure operational performance and longevity. PI can plan, instrument, prepare, execute, and report on all manners of physical development and validation testing.

Testing and validation activities include:

  • Installation of sensors and transducers with multiple data acquisition platforms
  • Serviceability studies and evaluations
  • Static cooling (drawdown, de-aeration, flow rate measurements, etc.)
  • Thermal performance on public roads or in wind tunnels
  • On-road or laboratory durability testing
  • Proving ground evaluations of pass-by noise, audible and visual NVH, and product integrity
Dynamometer Testing
The Powertrain Integration engine dynamometer facility features abundant data acquisition and the ability to test multiple fuels. The dyno cells typically perform engine durability, mapping, and calibration testing, but are also capable of running a variety of other tests with customizable control.

Powertrain Integration dynamometer capabilities:

  • GE 800 horsepower and Eaton 500 horsepower eddy current dynamometers
  • SAKOR control system operating National Instruments-based hardware
  • Re-Sol liquid fuel metering stand for gasoline, diesel, and methanol fuels
  • Custom manifolds and Micro Motion coriolis flow meter for gaseous and pressurized fuels including hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG), and propane autogas (LPG)
On-road & Proving Ground Testing
Powertrain Integration engineers journey far and wide, high and low to encounter temperature, climate, altitude, load, and grade extremes. This ensures PI powertrain and vehicle integration solutions stand up to the rigors of heavy duty, real world use.