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Thomas Built Bus green C2 - propane
Powertrain Integration solutions allow school bus manufacturers to select green OEM powertrains that save districts and transportation providers tremendously on both fuel and overall operating costs while reducing their carbon footprint with propane autogas (LPG).

Powertrain Integration pioneered the first new spark-fired propane autogas engine for the school bus market when it adapted the GM 8.1L V8 for LPG in 2007. Even before GM discontinued the basic big block engine, and bus OEMS and operators clamored for a replacement, PI was already at work on a solution. The resulting PIthon™ 8.0L V8 LPG is aimed squarely at the school bus segment from completely re-imagining the big block for performance and serviceability, to considering the unique needs of drivers and students.

Officials and decision makers from the school board to the bus barn can be assured that any solution provided by Powertrain Integration is fully supported with service parts, technical assistance, and operational training.