PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG Re-imagines the “Big Block” for Medium-Duty OEMs

February 02, 2014

Powertrain Integration (PI) has introduced a new propane autogas GM 8.0 liter V8 which fills a gap for big block engines in the medium-duty market. “Production of the PI-GM 8.0L has been a goal since the 8.1 was discontinued,” according to PI Engineering Vice President Ed Garda. “After over four years of rigorous development and testing to OEM standards, it’s here.”

Not just updated but upgraded

Powertrain Integration adapted the best of today’s engine technology to a proven GM-engineered and supplied built long block for the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG—all very familiar until you notice PI’s massive cast aluminum front accessory drive (FEAD) bracket and intake manifold. The long runner intake maximizes torque and provides a large air gap to keep fuel cool under harsh operating conditions. Moving to the lower intake, PI turned to its partner CleanFuel USA to supply its latest Liquid Propane Injection™ (LPI) system for fuel delivery, while a Powertrain Integration ECM with full SAE J1939 communications makes everything work together from atop the upper intake. It all adds up to 339 horsepower at 4100 RPM with 495 lb-ft of torque at 3100 RPM. The PI-GM 8.0L V8 is validated for up to 33,000 lbs GVWR and approved on-highway use.

Fully integrated for OEMs

Beyond the specs, PI’s commitment to vehicle integration allows the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG to meet the diverse needs of OEM truck and chassis builders. The above mentioned FEAD enables customers to select hydraulic or air brakes along with dual, single, or no A/C compressors. PI’s proprietary software features advanced engine controls for optimum exhaust and evaporative emissions performance. Powertrain Integration teams the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG with the Allison 2000 series automatic transmission for a proven combination. Proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, PI engineering and aftersales tech support and service make the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG even more attractive to OEMs.

Designed for operational and service savings; comprehensively supported

Installed, the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG yields vehicle weights approximately 500 lbs lighter than comparable diesel engines. With propane costing approximately half per gallon less than diesel and no need for DEF, exhaust regens, or DPF service, the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG delivers greatly reduced total cost of ownership.

Inherent operational qualities include abundant cab and body heat accompanied by smooth, quiet, responsive power eliciting superior driver experience. PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG components are carefully selected for serviceability; from high quality fittings and hoses to an elegant FEAD system which reduces the number of pulleys and tensioners to the use of industry standard communications protocols allowing full diagnostics using PI specific tools.

PI applied the same critical thinking that went in to the design of the new PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG to the support of the engine in the field by granting service providers and fleets access to full service materials online, live tech support, and web-based and regional training.

“The venerable big block is finally back, and it got younger and better during its absence,” Powertrain Integration President Robert Pachla added about the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG.