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PI and Alternative Clean Transportation

As Powertrain Integration™ (PI) celebrates ten years of providing OEM General Motors powertrain solutions, its commitment to alternative clean transportation has never been stronger. PI gasoline engines have solidly penetrated the medium duty truck sector where diesel predominates, while PI’s propane autogas and compressed natural gas (CNG) engine offerings have made similar inroads. As a supplier of alternative fuel engine packages in that sector, Powertrain Integration shares the distinction of volume OEM production with only one competitor; all other alt-fuel options in the medium duty segment are aftermarket installations performed by upfitters. Among OEM engine providers, Powertrain Integration is unique in the level of service support it offers for its products: a call to (855) 305-1500 connects customers and authorized service providers to live tech assistance. Powertrain Integration’s experience in supplying alternative clean transportation starts at the top: President Robert Pachla has thirty plus years in the alt fuel engine…

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PIthonTM 8.0L LPI: Big Block Receives New Name

With OEM regular vehicle production using Powertrain Integration’s (PI) 8.0L V8 LPI propane autogas engine imminent, the big block has been named PIthonTM. Powertrain Integration president Robert Pachla explained the meaning of the PIthon engine name: “Pythons are strong, powerful snakes that constrict their prey; PIthon squeezes every bit of power, every penny of savings out of operators’ precious fuel and maintenance dollars.” Powerful, smooth, quiet, clean, economical . . . PIthon is designed to fill a huge gap for big block engines in the medium duty on-highway market. Rated at 339 HP with 495 pound-feet of torque, PIthon is 50-state certified for over 14,000 pounds GVWR, and validated to 33,000 pounds GVWR. Teamed with Allison 2000 series transmissions and CleanFUEL USA Liquid Propane Injection (LPI), the PIthon 8.0L LPI engine package is an unmatched combination. According to Ed Garda, Powertrain Integration’s vice president of engineering, “Writing the next chapter…

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PI Delivers Propane Autogas V8 Package For UPS

Powertrain Integration, a leader in the on-highway engine industry, will equip 1,000 Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) medium duty delivery vehicles with propane autogas (LPG) powertrain packages for UPS. The packages consist of GM 6.0L V8 LC8 engines, CleanFuel USA Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) fuel systems, and Allison automatic transmissions. “UPS bringing 1,000 of these units online is proof the medium duty sector has embraced the LC8 propane autogas engine as a gasoline and diesel replacement,” said Powertrain Integration President Robert Pachla. “This is the biggest propane autogas adoption to medium duty delivery vehicles I’ve seen during my thirty years in the alternative fuel business; we look forward to imminent builds and ongoing support,” Pachla added. Dream team makes sustainable operation AND performance a reality for UPS Starting with the GM 6.0L Vortec V8 LC8 engine, Powertrain Integration integrated the benefits of propane autogas (LPG) with the performance and reliability…

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PI Propane Autogas GM Gen IV 6.0L V8 for OEMs

Powertrain Integration (PI) now offers a GM 6.0 liter Vortec V8 that brings to the medium-duty market the proven performance and reliability of PI’s popular gasoline powered GM 6.0L L96 with the benefits of propane autogas. Powertrain Integration partner CleanFuel USA contributes its Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) system to the GM 6.0L LC8 V8 LPG. The GM 6.0L LC8 combines the great strength and refined, quiet operation expected of the Gen IV Vortec with 332 horsepower at 4400 and 370 lb-ft of torque at 4400 RPM. Unlike most consumer product engines, the GM 6.0L LC8 has been dynamometer emissions certified which greatly reduces the cost of overall vehicle emissions certification. Validated for heavy duty use in applications from 8,500 lbs up to 23,500 lbs GVWR (CARB: 14,000-23,500 lbs), the GM 6.0L LC8 is approved for on-highway use in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Powertrain Integration’s proprietary programming of the…

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PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG Re-imagines the “Big Block” for Medium-Duty OEMs

Powertrain Integration (PI) has introduced a new propane autogas GM 8.0 liter V8 which fills a gap for big block engines in the medium-duty market. “Production of the PI-GM 8.0L has been a goal since the 8.1 was discontinued,” according to PI Engineering Vice President Ed Garda. “After over four years of rigorous development and testing to OEM standards, it’s here.” Not just updated but upgraded Powertrain Integration adapted the best of today’s engine technology to a proven GM-engineered and supplied built long block for the PI-GM 8.0L V8 LPG—all very familiar until you notice PI’s massive cast aluminum front accessory drive (FEAD) bracket and intake manifold. The long runner intake maximizes torque and provides a large air gap to keep fuel cool under harsh operating conditions. Moving to the lower intake, PI turned to its partner CleanFuel USA to supply its latest Liquid Propane Injection™ (LPI) system for fuel…

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