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Powertrain Integration (PI) is at the forefront of hybrid vehicle technology, integrating OEM GM Powertrain solutions with electric and hydraulic power sources to produce innovative blends of propulsion.

Smaller electric hybrid vehicle (EHV) manufacturers focused on optimizing their electrical drive system need affordable, reliable, fuel efficient engines to generate power on demand. Hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) OEMs wishing to add to the efficiencies of their systems look to Powertrain Integration for gasoline and alternative fuel engines to further reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Powertrain Integration can supply builders of hybrid vehicles with a variety of engines from the GM Powertrain catalog, major automotive systems from GM OEM parts bin, and PI-designed integration components. Powertrain Integration sales staff, along with design and production engineers, work with EHV and HHV makers to meet their diverse packaging, integration, calibration, and certification challenges.