Markets Served

With the large variety of engines and transmissions offered by General Motors Powertrain, Powertrain Integration™ has options to fit several niche markets, here are a few of the most common.

Truck and Chassis Engines

Truck and Chassis Market Engines

The demand for medium duty trucks and chassis stays strong and the demand for gasoline and alternative fuels versions is getting even stronger. Powertrain Integration™ is here to provide a variety of large displacement engine options using GM Powertrain engines known for their power and reliability.

Hybrid Engines

Hybrid Vehicle Engines

Hybrid is all the rage in the automotive industry. Niche hybrid vehicle manufacturers are focused on developing their electrical system, which is why Powertrain Integration™ is here to handle the equally important fuel efficient internal combustion engine.

Alternative Fuel

Alternative Fuel Engines

There is no secret that reducing the use of gasoline and diesel fuel is a hot topic. Whether it’s propane, natural gas or ethanol, spark ignited engines are the most cost effective way of making it happen. With all of the engine sizes available, Powertrain Integration™ is sure to have a product that can be converted for customers alternative fuel needs.

LS9 Performance Car Engine

Performance Car Engines

The low volume high performance specialty car market is as big as it’s ever been. While sexy styling and light weight chassis draws attention, reliable horsepower speaks loudest. Using the General Motors Powertrain product portfolio, PI can provide incredible powertrain options to niche performance vehicle manufacturers.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions have been prevalent in markets like the United States for years, while other markets are still almost exclusively manual transmissions, but they don’t have to be. Powertrain Integration™ has high torque capable automatic transmissions options available for gasoline and small diesel cars and trucks, for manufacturers looking to provide their customers with an automatic transmission option.