Powertrain Integration is the automotive industry’s first total OEM solution company for engines, transmissions, systems, services, and support.

For over ten years Powertrain Integration (PI) has delivered one stop General Motors powertrain solutions. Featuring the GM Powertrain lineup, PI provides the broadest range of components, systems, and services while focusing on the unique needs of niche OEM automakers and fleets.

Powertrain Integration specializes in clean power on-highway systems using alternative fuels as well as gasoline and diesel. Coupled with industry partners, PI develops and produces new GREEN powertrain applications.

From low to high volume programs,Powertrain Integration provides complete design, engineering, testing, and production services to deliver OEM engineered vehicle integration.

Our Products

Powertrain Integration supplies GM Powertrain engines and packages and produces PI components and control systems for OE manufacturers of on-road vehicles and to major vehicle fleets.


Powertrain Integration engineering services support the development and production of PI products and the implementation of customer programs.

Markets Served

Powertrain Integration product range and engineering expertise produce powertrain solutions for vehicles ranging from medium duty trucks to luxury hybrids, and from sports cars to military hardware.

Sales & Support

Powertrain Integration is committed to the supply and after sales support of its customers, their dealers, and end users.